Innovative, three dimensional visualization of neuroanatomical structures: a new app to cover it all!

The anatomy of the brain forms a challenge for many doctors and scientists in their daily practices. Therefore, it is not hard to understand that students struggle with comprehending the anatomy of neural structures. Nevertheless, knowledge of the neuroanatomy is regarded as a hot societal topic as this field of expertise is thought to contribute to our understanding of neurological diseases. When students therefore study the anatomy of the human brain, they use serial sections, depicted in anatomical atlases. The sections are well organized but provide only limited insights in the true, three dimensional anatomy of the human brain.

In order to provide these crucial insights, a new app called GreyMapp was developed. Although still in an early phase, GreyMapp is believed to change the way we look at brain anatomy, the way we educate students and the way we get patients involved in taking healthcare related decisions  that concern themselves.

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Keep exploring everybody!

The GreyMapp team